Catholicism: The Pivotal Players Film Blu-Ray - WAS $159.95 reduced to

Catholicism: The Pivotal Players Film Blu-Ray - WAS $159.95 reduced to

By Bishop Robert Barron
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Bishop Barron is on a new journey to unlock the truth behind the Catholic Church's most influential people. 

You'll discover the places where St. Thomas Aquinas lived, learned, and wrote. 

Visit the countryside where St. Francis gathered a group of friars and revived the Church. See the places where St. Catherine of Siena ministered and prayed. 

Trek through England to where Bl. John Henry Newman and G.K. Chesterton left their mark and sparked an English Catholic revival. 

And through unprecedented HD footage, marvel at the extraordinary art of Michelangelo, from his David statue in Florence, to the Pieta at St. Peter's, to the Sistine Chapel.

  • 6 Blu-ray set (379 min total)
  • English & Spanish audio/subtitle options


    1) St. Francis of Assisi - 61:00

    2) St. Thomas Aquinas - 60:00

    3) St. Catherine of Siena - 58:00

    4) Bl. John Henry Newman - 62:00

    5) G.K. Chesterton - 58:00

    6) Michelangelo - 80:00

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