Prayers of the Great Saints (CD)

Prayers of the Great Saints (CD)

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This collection of prayer-songs is designed to meet you in your busy day with some uptempo beats and energetic melodies. While teaching how the saints have prayed, each song gets slower and slower until lastly there is just a wash of relaxing sounds and silence to help you to finally rest in some quiet prayertime and (ideally) contemplation, essential for every God-seeking soul.


1. Most High and Glorious God (St. Francis of Assisi)
2. Restless (St. Augustine)
3. Pour Your Love On Me
4. When I Lift Up My Heart (What Goes On During Mass)
5. 1000 Souls (St. Gertrude the Great - to release souls from Purgatory)
6. Day By Day (St. Richard of Chichester)
7. Bookmark - God Alone (St. Teresa of Avila)
8. Only Today (St. Therese of Lisioux)
9. Thy Will Be Done (St. Francis de Sales)
10. Breastplate of St. Patrick
11. Spiritual Communion
12. Be Still

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