The Liturgical Year Vols. 1-3

The Liturgical Year Vols. 1-3

By Dom Guéranger
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The context of France in the nineteenth century, during which Dom Prosper Guéranger's classic work, The Liturgical Year, was published, is critical to understanding the significance of this multi-volume set. From 1789 (the French Revolution) through the twentieth century, France was undergoing such a continual succession of political, social, and ecclesiastical changes that one wonders how it managed to keep its sanity.During that time, the French government changed six times, and the country was racked by wars, revolutions, and depressions. And because the Church suffered greatly during and after the French Revolution, that guidance was required to get it back on track. Dom Guéranger began writing his monumental opus in 1841, inspired by the suffering and depression of the French Catholic Church and her people.He died in 1875, having completed nine volumes. The remaining volumes were completed by another Benedictine who went by the name Dom Guéranger. Dom Guéranger believed that the Mass and the Church's year cycle could help restore what had been lost. Indeed, Dom Guéranger's aim was to restore the more than thousand-year legacy of Christianity, as well as its hidden riches, which had been abandoned during the French Revolution and its aftermath. In 1836, he established the first Benedictine community in post-revolutionary France. In 1841, he established the Liturgical Year in order to restore Catholic culture and, as a result, Western Civilization by focusing on the Catholic Mass, which is the source of all graces and the heart of Catholic worship. His comments, explanations, and historical observations in this work are insightful, devotional, and educational. Each Mass during the Church's yearly cycle is evaluated and presented in simple terms, allowing the reader to comprehend the tremendous treasure and importance of that specific Mass throughout the year. The Introits, Collects, Epistles, Gospels, Offertory prayers, and so on, all have proper explanations that add to the richness of the Mass.The reprint of this set by Preserving Christian Publications is meant to last many readings with a robust hardback light-blue binding that is stitched. Each volume is labelled with the season it covers on the spine. Due to the length, intricacy, and cost of reproducing this 15-volume series, we are only offering the first three volumes, the Advent and Christmas books, at this time. We will release the books for the Septuagesima season and Lent in the coming months. Following that, our readers will be able to order books for the Paschal tide.The last 6 volumes, Pentecost and time thereafter, will appear in late spring of 2022. 

Publication date: 2021; vol. 1: 530 pages; vol. 2: 462 pages; vol. 3: 549 pages; product # 5962.
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