Walking Toward Eternity: Daring to Walk the Walk Starter Pack

Walking Toward Eternity: Daring to Walk the Walk Starter Pack

By Jeff & Emily Cavins
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Walking Toward Eternity is an inspiring series designed to help you live your faith more fully by developing and nurturing characteristics that are essential to the Christian life. Through daily prayer and meditation with Scripture (lectio divina), you will be drawn into an intimate and life-changing encounter with Christ.

As you prayerfully reflect on God’s Word, you will begin to hear the subtle ways God is speaking to you, and you will be challenged to set aside those things in your life that keep you from growing closer to him. By putting the fruits of your study into practice, you will be able to make real changes in your life, changes that will make you more like the person God created you to be.

Daring to Walk the Walk, the first series of Walking Toward Eternity, introduces seven key virtues and outlines practical steps for living them out in your life.

You will learn how to walk in:
• Love
• Forgiveness
• Humility
• Prayerfulness
• Faithfulness
• Sacrifice
• Thankfulness

This Starter Pack includes:
• DVD Set (Eight, 50 min. sessions)
• Journal
• Lectio Divina Bookmark

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ratingratingratingratingratingNumber of Raters: 1 Reviewer: kkubinec@persona.ca  02/12/2016
The best study we have done so far from the Great Adventure. A life ap plication study that really reveals Je sus desire to walk with us in our lives. Thoroughly enjoyed by almost 40 people in our small parish. Would very highly recommend it. Eleanor. Trochu Alberta Canada  05/28/2015
Love this series! Bought for my husband and I and we've really grown in our prayer life. Reviewer: Marilyn [Chicago, IL]
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