Dawn of the Messiah

Dawn of the Messiah

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Product Description

The Coming of Christ in Scripture.

Author: Edward Sri

Perhaps the story of Christ's birth has become almost too familiar. Today's reader, unfamiliar with the ancient Jewish world, misses the significance of many details in these accounts. Sri explains the original context of every line in the biblical stories. He not only helps us understand an earlier and pivotal time and place, he also brings us to a deeper understanding of the great mystery of God's entry into the world as one of us.

Dawn of the Messiah articulates in clear and excitying terms the mystery of Christ's birth. The result is a wonderful mix of Catholic theology, spirituality and catechesis. Sri is bound to surprise you with how much depth and wealth can be mined from the Gospel stories of the Nativity.Curtis Mitch, coauthor of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

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