John Paul II and the New Evangelization

John Paul II and the New Evangelization

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How You Can Bring the Good News to Others

Editors: Ralph Martin & Peter Williamson

Pope John Paul II urged the church repeatedly and persistently to proclaim the gospel to all humanity. This summons to a "new evangelization" characterized his papacy. But what does the new evangelization mean? And who is supposed to evangelize? What is the role of the parish? Of married couples? How do we evangelize teens? And what are the ecumenical dimensions of evangelism?
In this book 22 authors address these and many other issues. Cardinal Avery Dulles describes the evangelical shift in the church since Vatican II; those involved in day-to-day evangelism provide practical tips for evangelizing the poor (Sr. Linda Koontz), street evangelism (Leonard Sullivan), using spiritual gifts (Peter Herbeck) and much more.

John Paul II and the New Evangelization is an inspiring and practical guide to help you answer John Paul II's call to bring the truth to a world sorely in need of Good News.

"Here is sound instruction, practical and theoretical, on the why and the how of evangelism past, present and future. A new millennium is eliciting a new clarity about the culture war and a new alignment of forces in it. This book is proof that Catholics are rediscovering the fact that the Catholic church is as essentially 'evangelical' as any Protestant denomination."
- Peter Kreeft, author, Making Sense Out of Suffering

"Timely, important and comprehensive. Each chapter by a different author presents a dimension of the universal call to evangelization heralded by John Paul II and by the Catholic bishops of the United States. Experienced and respected teachers and leaders cover the many aspects of evangelization and present a challenge to us all."

- Father Michael Scanlan, T.O.R., chancellor, Franciscan University of Steubenville

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