Jesus of History Christ of Faith (Student Text)

Jesus of History Christ of Faith (Student Text)

By Thomas Zanzig
Product Code: 9780884895305

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This thorough, full-color revision of the popular Jesus of History, Christ of Faith invites students to understand Jesus through a study of the New Testament. The student text for ninth- and tenth-graders first considers the New Testament as a whole, particularly the Gospels, and moves to the Jewish historical, religious, and cultural world into which Jesus was born. Using the Gospels as the primary sources, the text explores Jesus' birth, early life, and ministry; his preaching of the Kingdom of God; his special teachings, particularly the parables; and his miracles. It then focuses on the scriptural accounts of his death and Resurrection, the Ascension, and Pentecost, and their central significance for the church's understanding of Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God. Two chapters on Paul's missionary work and his Epistles develop major themes in his theology. All other books of the New Testament are described in sidebars. The text closes with an overview of the development of Christology after the New Testament to the present.

This third edition has added more thorough or explicit treatments of some aspects of scriptural study and Christology—for instance, the inspiration of the Scriptures, the humanity and divinity of Jesus, the role and meaning of Jesus' miracles, Jesus' self-claims, the meanings of the Eucharist and Jesus' death, and the role of sacrifice in salvation. New, eye-catching graphic elements and original art, informative sidebars, and engaging reflection activities have also been added. Review questions and a glossary of terms are also included as study aids for students.

Teaching manual: The student text was designed to be fully supported by the thorough resources in its companion teaching manual.

Grade level: Jesus of History, Christ of Faith is developed for use with ninth- or tenth-grade students in a one-semester course.

Award: Jesus of History, Christ of Faith won the 1999 Certificate of Merit for the Premier Print Award from Printing Industries of America. Chosen from thousands of entries, the Premier Print Award goes to those firms who demonstrate a unique ability to create visual masterpieces.
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