Making Choices

Making Choices

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Product Description


Making Choices: Practical Wisdom for Everyday Moral Decisions

It's a moral jungle out there, writes Peter Kreeft. In Making Choices he describes why we find decision-making so difficult and living with our choices even harder. With penetrating wisdom, good humor, and common sense, Peter Kreeft draws a map through the everyday jungle of moral choices, one simple enough for the believer and convincing enough for the skeptic. He tackes tough questions like:

• Why do good decisions sometimes hurt?
• How do you really know what's wrong?
• How can you make the right choices about sex, money, power, truth-telling, marriage, child-rearing, your taxes - your life?
• How can you distinguish between what's gray and what's black and white?

Making Choices is a powerful aid for all who desire clarity when facing decisions, certitude when making them, and happiness when living with their consequences.



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