The Day Will Come

The Day Will Come

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The Day Will Come: Answers to You Questions about Mystics, Prophecies & Miracles.

Author: Michael Brown.

Seventy-nine percent of Americans believe in miracles, according to a recent Gallup survey. All around the world, reports of various apparitions, locutions, and other astounding religious phenomena leave faithful Christians with very real questions. How much of this, if any, is really from God? And how are we to discern the meaning behind these startling events?

In The Day Will Come, Michael H. Brown answers these and other puzzling questions:

-Are apparitions and locutions found in Scripture?
-Can you believe every prophecy?
-Are we in the End Times?
-Is God speaking to us through these mystical occurrences?

Drawing from the experiences and teachings of various priests and religious as well as ministers, mystics, and theologians from all over the world, Brown uses Scripture and Tradition to provide balance as he addresses these controverisal subjects.

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