Francis and Clare: Saints of Assisi

Francis and Clare: Saints of Assisi

By Helen Walker Homan
Product Code: 9780898705171

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Product Description

Author: Helen Walker Homan.

Today, from nation to nation, the good works of the Franciscans remind the world of the gentle charity of their founder - the "Poor Little Man" of Assisi. This was the same cheerful Francis, son of the merchant Bernardone, who helped with the marketing and scuffled with his brother and from time to time glimpsed in a neighboring castle the little golden-haired Lady Clare. He later rode boldly to battle, and, when captured by the enemy, heartened his fellow prisoners with his humorous antics. For he had always yearned to be both a knight and a troubadour - to do battle for God and at the same time to amuse with a joke and a song.

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