Forgiven of Murder... A True Story

Forgiven of Murder... A True Story

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Canadian author Denise Mountenay shares the trauma of being raped at the age of 13, her teen pregnancy, the pressure to abort, the fear of the unknown.

She exposes the lies and rhetoric of the abortion providers and advocates. She reveals the pain and experience on how legal abortion has negatively affected her life physically and emotionally, and gives stats and studies on the latest research on the subject. She also addresses the link between abortion and breast cancer.

She passionately shares the call of God on her life to bring this message to the church and to the public that abortion is a wrong, and not a right.

This inspiring book is an eye-opener that will educate and illuminate this issue to the core. It will encourage pro-lifers, and convert pro-choicers. It warns women of the dangers, preventing abortions and has saved lives. A must have for your library, and a great resource for the youth and young adults in this generation.
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