The Greater Reset: Reclaiming Personal Sovereignty Under Natural Law

The Greater Reset: Reclaiming Personal Sovereignty Under Natural Law

By Michael D. Greaney and Dawn K. Brohawn
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The COVID-19 pandemic erupted from a concealed spark in the early days of 2020, wreaking havoc on lives, economics, and social conventions around the globe. Rather than unifying people in the face of a common enemy, COVID-19 has exacerbated economic, political, and social divides around the world. It has placed faith against reason, igniting global scourges such as poverty, bigotry, war, and environmental catastrophe.

As a result of the pandemic, plans to restructure the world economy and society have surfaced. The most well-known—and infamous—recommendations from the 2020 World Economic Forum, which call for "the Great Reset." This will deliberately remove a crucial bastion of personal independence and freedom—the universal right to, and rights to, private property—by combining welfare state socialism and monopoly capitalism.

Is the Great Reset a nefarious plot by a large global elite to take control of ordinary people's lives, or a well-intentioned but dangerously misguided attempt to address systemic ills? Regardless, we must all ask ourselves: how will each human person's dignity, freedom, and power be maintained and promoted when universal human rights and their Transcendent Source are deemed irrelevant? Greaney and Brohawn trace the historical, religious, political, and economic roots of humanity's precarious situation in The Greater Reset, showing how returning to God-given, universal principles of natural law, along with equal access to the institutions of the common good, can help everyone build a more just, liberating, prosperous, and hopeful future.

Hardcover. 392 pages.

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