The Catechism Explained

The Catechism Explained

By Fr. Francis Spirago
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This hardly requires an introduction because The Catechism Explained by Fr. Francis Spirago, edited by Fr. Richard F. Clarke, S.J., is a well-known Catholic classic. The book was produced for three distinct purposes: as a sermon resource for preachers, as a detailed explanation of the catechism for catechists, and as a comprehensive declaration of the Catholic Faith for parents to use in educating their children. Written with these goals in mind, the book purposely avoids technical jargon to make it easier to grasp. The book is substantial, thorough, and fascinating! 

The Catechism Explained contains a number of pages that thoroughly explain this or that aspect of the Faith. This is made all the more true because the treatment is always accompanied by pertinent quotations from Scripture and/or the Fathers and Doctors of the Church to support what is being said. A person only needs to think of a Catholic subject he wants information on and look it up in The Catechism Explained. Although it was initially published in 1899, the writing style and truths remain relevant today and benefit all Catholics, creating an excellent portrait of the Catholic Faith that demonstrates its reasonedness, thoroughness, beauty, and attractiveness.

The titles of the Books of Scripture have been updated to reflect current usage (for example, 1 Chronicles in place of 1 Paralipomenon) and the spelling of common biblical names have been revised to their more familiar Hebrew forms in order to make this 19th century text more accessible to the reader of the 21st century (e.g., Noah in place of Noe; Joshua in place of Josue). The footnotes referring readers to the relevant sections of the 1992 Catechism of the Catholic Church, where readers will find the most recent, authoritative expression of the Church's faith, are the most significant editing change to Fr. Spirago's text.

The Church has since Fr. Spirago's writing in 1899 further clarified certain aspects of Divine Revelation, such as the solemn definition of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Assumption into Heaven, and changed Church discipline, such as the requirement to fast from midnight before receiving Holy Communion or the outright prohibition of cremation. Additional footnotes have also been included to show where these changes have occurred. The editor has always made an effort to preserve the integrity of Fr. Spirago's original text. However, in a few places, it was necessary to use modern terminology in place of archaic terminology in order to adequately communicate his message to the reader of today.

We are reissuing The Catechism Explained with footnotes that point readers to the pertinent sections of the 1992 Catechism of the Catholic Church with great joy. We are persuaded that every Catholic adult should have a copy, whether they are priests writing sermons, catechists better understanding and teaching the Catechism, parents assisting with their children's education, or any other Catholic simply wanting to know their faith more deeply. For in Catholic literature, this work has a particularly special function.

It is a book that should be kept on hand at all times in every Catholic household and workplace because only by consistent use and reference will it yield the amazing outcomes it was intended to yield—and which it will most certainly yield if utilised consistently.

Hardcover, 1040 pages.

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