Meditations on Death: Preparing for Eternity

Meditations on Death: Preparing for Eternity

By Thomas à Kempis
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According to a Christian, our souls are everlasting, and we will either experience heaven or hell as our afterlife. Heaven is the only place we want to go. Death, however, is the enigmatic gateway to immortality. Because it is final, the door of death is significant to Christians. Once a person dies, all options are gone.

Why focus on death?

The most beneficial form of meditation is contemplating death.

Although reflecting on  the most holy suffering and death of Our Lord is the ultimate, thinking about our own impending death may also be very fruitful since it helps us be ready for the most significant thing we will ever do: enter into eternity.

“Remember man that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”
Many have quickly ascended the ladder of holiness by reflecting about their deaths.

One of the biggest keys of sanctity is to constantly remind yourself that death is the one certainty in this life. When that time comes, individuals who regularly reflect about their dying hour won't be caught off guard; rather, they'll have been preparing for it their entire lives and will be prepared to meet their Creator.

Thomas à Kempis leads the reader through this soul-shattering masterpiece as they think about the last four things: death, judgement, heaven, and hell. The word "tomorrow" is a favourite of the devil - but today belongs to God. A mini-retreat, Meditations on Death will refocus your thoughts on everlasting rather than transitory matters. Thinking about your death means you've already crossed the threshold of heaven.

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