Faith of My Heart: Sacred Choral Music of Franz Liszt CD

Faith of My Heart: Sacred Choral Music of Franz Liszt CD

By Gloriae Dei Cantores
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"You may be sure, dear friend, that I did not compose my works as one might put on a church vestment instead of an overcoat, but that it has sprung from the truly fervent faith of my heart, such as I have felt it since my childhood. . . and therefore I can truly say that my Mass has been more prayed than composed." 
— Franz Liszt to Dr. Gille, Zurich, November 14, 1856

In celebration of the 200th birth anniversary of Franz Liszt, Gloriae Dei Cantores presents an overview of his sacred choral music, including the Missa Choralis , settings of the Pater noster and Ave maris stella , and other works. Faith of My Heart explores the lesser-known, deeply spiritual side of Franz Liszt—the man who fought tirelessly to raise the standards of sacred music, setting aside all notions of popular esteem to remain faithful to his vocation as a true church musician. Despite the intense personal suffering and upheaval in his life, Liszt always returned to the church for refuge, comfort, and strength. This hard-won peace, as well as his passionate insistence on raising the caliber of sacred music, is reflected in this recording.


Track 1 - Pater Noster
Track 2 - Ave Maria
Track 3 - Christus ist geboren
Track 4 - Ave maria stella
Track 5 - Rosario
Track 6 - Qui seminant in lacrimis
Track 7 - Missa Choralis, Kyrie
Track 8 - Missa Choralis, Gloria
Track 9 - Missa Choralis, Credo
Track 10 - Missa Choralis, Sanctus/Benedictus
Track 11 - Agnus Dei
Track 12 - Nun danket alle Gott


"These are rewarding performances from Gloriae Dei Cantores. Their belief in Liszt's music is evident in every measure. And they certainly must be commended for their vocal control in pieces where harmony is often at odds with expectation...

The recording... is an intimate affair. There is a generous sense of ambience here, and in louder passages the sound swells to envelope you as you listen... in SACD surround mode. Stimulating - an excellent way to experience the special sound world Liszt creates in his choral music."
—Audiophile Audition

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