Meet Katharine Drexel

Meet Katharine Drexel

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Heiress and God's Servant of the Oppressed

Author: Mary van Balen Holt

St. Katharine Drexel's riches-to-rags experience turns the conventional American success story upside down. Why would a millionaire heiress leave a life of luxury for a life of poverty and service? The answer is found in the compelling tale of a woman who knew intimately both the streets of Paris and the streets of Harlem, who crossed the ocean on luxury liners yet paddled the backwaters of the Louisiana bayou, who dined with equal ease in the mansions of high society or the tent of a Lakota tribal chief. Drexel's life was the adventure of an indomitable woman who gave herself to those who were oppressed-and taught the world the meaning of fearless love.

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