Footprints of God: David and Solomon (DVD)

Footprints of God: David and Solomon (DVD)

Product Code: 9781586170523

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Product Description

Why is Jesus called the Son of David and why is that important to understanding Our Lord? How did the Kingdom of Israel prefigure and anticipate the Kingdom of God and the Catholic Church? Join Steve Ray in this edition from the Footprints of God series as he takes you on a fast-paced adventure through the mountains and deserts of Israel to discover not only where David and Solomon lived and reigned, but also the meaning of their lives and kingdoms. Witness Steve as he makes a lion roar, leads a flock of sheep, slings a stone and swings a sword, and wades through the underground water tunnels of ancient Jerusalem.

Comprehensive study guide included.

DVD Features:

* English/Spanish subtitles
* Behind the Scenes
* Bloopers
* Interview with Francis Cardinal Arinze



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