Who Is Our Example? Grade 3: Teacher's Manual, 2nd edition

Who Is Our Example? Grade 3: Teacher's Manual, 2nd edition

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The Who is Our Example Grade 3 Teacher's manuals are very detailed, thorough and full of practical ideas.

Review questions and role playing activities stimulate classroom dialogue and help children verbalize what they have learned.
Liturgical and Holiday lessons help children participate in the Church year. Prayer service suggestions build a spirit of community as children pray together spontaneous and formal prayers.
Living the Lesson sections relates concepts of faith to everyday living.

The new Teacher's Manual includes cross-referencing to the CCC, inserted reproductions of the Student text, vocabulary, games and other classroom activities, and prayers to know. Included in the appendix section are Unit Family Notes to be sent home to stimulate family discussion and Unit Review worksheets that may be used as gradable material to assess the student comprehension

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