Youcat Study Guide

Youcat Study Guide

By Mark Brumley, Jack Kersting and Paul George
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The tremendously popular, global Catholic youth phenomenon YOUCAT-Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church-now has an easy-to-use companion study guide. Aimed at helping readers to get the most out of YOUCAT, the YOUCAT Study Guide features 35 topics based on the catechism. Each topic has a brief introduction (Behind YOUCAT); short questions on YOUCAT's coverage of the topic (What does YOUCAT say?); a section on Scripture (What Does the Bible Say?); discussion questions based on YOUCAT (YOU Chat); a brief reflection on the YOUCAT material covered (YOU Reflect); and a set of ideas for action (YOUCAT Challenge). Each topic relates the material of YOUCAT in one of the four pillars of the catechism-the Creed, the Sacraments, Morality, and Prayer. And each topic includes space for readers to "journal" their thoughts while reading through YOUCAT.

The YOUCAT Study Guide is excellent for classroom use, youth group discussions, or personal study. The Study Guide is designed in such a way that the sections of the topics are module-they can all be used or leaders can select sections to use as time or interest permits. Written by people experienced with youth ministry and education, YOUCAT Study Guide helps young people go even deeper into their faith using YOUCAT!

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The Youcat Study guide is a great companion to the YouCat. The YouCat stands for Youth Catechism. YouCat is drafted in the form of a conversation and is intended to be used by Catholic youth and young adults. It has received a lot of praise and criticism. Personally. Id prefer the bigger version of the Catechism but YouCat is a great resource. As for the study guide, I thought it complimented the YouCat quite well. Both the YouCat and the study guide are great tools to help youth and young adults to have a better understanding of the faith. Reviewer: Joe Sales [Kitchener , ON ]

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