The Chants of Easter CD

The Chants of Easter CD

By Gloriae Dei Cantores
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Product Description

Honor the Feast of the Resurrection with this recording of Gregorian Chant from the Gloriæ Dei Cantores Schola.

Rooted in the earliest centuries of Christian worship, this "celebration of celebrations" is a time for rebirth, and this recording reflects that sense of personal renewal and joy. 

The Chants of Easter includes the Propers of Easter Day and Gregorian chants for the octave of Easter — daily services that are part of the week-long celebration of the Easter miracle. These chants are conveyed with careful attention to subtleties in the ancient Gregorian notation, inviting listeners to share the experience of Christ's resurrection in all its richness.


Track 1 - Introit: Resurreci
Track 2 - Gradual: Haec Dies
Track 3 - Alleluia: Pascha Nostrum
Track 4 - Sequence: Victimae Paschali
Track 5 - Offertory: Terra Tremuit
Track 6 - Communion: Pascha nostrum
Track 7 - Introit: Introduxit vos
Track 8 - Alleluia: Angelus Domini
Track 9 - Offertory: Angelua Domini
Track 10 - Communion: Surrexit Dominus
Track 11 - Introit: Aqua sapientiae
Track 12 - Alleluia: Surrexit Dominus
Track 13 - Offertory: Intonuit de caelo
Track 14 - Communion: Si consurrexistis
Track 15 - Introit: Venite benedicti
Track 16 - Alleluia: Surrexit Dominus
Track 17 - Offertory: Porta caeli
Track 18 - Communion: Christus resurgens
Track 19 - Introit: Vitricem manum tuam
Track 20 - Alleluia: Surrexit Christus
Track 21 - Offertory: In die eos Dominus 
Track 22 - Communion: Populus acquisitionis
Track 23 - Introit: Eduxit eos Dominus
Track 24 - Alleluia: Dicite in gentibus
Track 25 - Offertory: erit vobis hic
Track 26 - Communion: Data est mihi
Track 27 - Introit: Eduxit Dominus
Track 28 - Alleluia: Haec Dies
Track 29 - Alleluia: Laudate pueri Dominum
Track 30 - Offertory: Benedictus qui venit
Track 31 - Communion: Omnes qui in Christo


"This disc contains what I believe are first recordings of the Gregorian Propers for Easter Day and the Octave for Easter. Spectacular stuff! Easter is, after all, the essential and most important of Christian feast days. Without Christ's resurrection, the whole belief would be meaningless. It stands to reason that one can expect some of the finest, most joyous chants set aside for Easter.
The free-flowing lyric lines are indeed other-worldly in their refined sense of suspended animation. The effect, especially when performed so well as here, tends to float the mind. The chants are so soothing, that one can not help but escape feelings of anxiety or anger. Their appeal is general. One need not be religious to be moved, for the chants are catholic as well as Catholic. Sonically, the recordingis super, and utterly free of gimmicks. The result is elegantly overpowering. Marvelous!"  — In Tune Magazine  
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