Faith and Reason

Faith and Reason

By Brian Besong, Jonathan Fuqua
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Product Description

This work is an inspiring collection of essays written by professional philosophers who have converted to Roman Catholicism, explaining their reasons for that journey into the ancient Church.

Twelve highly respected intellectuals whose professional training has honed their reasoning skills and whose vocation calls them to pursue the truth—come what may— give their compelling stories of why they embraced Catholicism.  Among the twelve are well-known writers and teachers including Peter Kreeft, Edward Feser, Francis Beckwith, Jay Budziszewski, Robert Koons and others.

They understand that God has revealed it and God is Truth. Through what precise means God drew the wise men to follow the star to Bethlehem, we can only speculate. But we need not speculate here, for these essays detail the various perceptible means of grace God has used to draw these lovers of wisdom to Himself. In every case, reason has played a primary role. And this is fitting, for reason is our most noble faculty; fitting too, because God uses the bait most appropriate to those He seeks to lure.

Of course, reason never forces faith upon a person. Yet it was the reasonableness of the Catholic faith, especially in contrast to other claimants (or wholesale denials) of supernatural revelation, that captured the attention of these professional philosophers and that cleared a space into which the seed of supernatural faith could be planted.
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