Four More Witnesses In The Early Church: Further Testimony from Christians Before Constantine

Four More Witnesses In The Early Church: Further Testimony from Christians Before Constantine

By Rod Bennett
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The earlier work by Rod Bennett, Four Witnesses: The Early Church in Her Own Words, has become a modern classic of apologetics and impacted the faith of thousands of readers. Now, fans of that pageturning spiritual adventure will have a new chance to go further up and in with four more of the earliest Christian writers whose works have survived to our own times.

Hermas was the contemporary of Clement of Rome who acted as the first of what are now eight witnesses, all told. Clement of Alexandria, second in this volume, was a disciple of Irenaeus, our final witness from the original book. Hippolytus and Origen were both disciples of Clement of Alexandria. So once again, the “chain of custody” for the teachings being passed on reaches backward into the age of the Apostles, just as in the original volume. The narrative in this second book concludes in the year 253 A.D.— still six decades before the conversion of Constantine.

What did our witnesses have to say on the necessity of baptism? On “eternal security” and confessions to church elders? What about devotions to Mary and her role in salvation history? All of these hot-button topics, and many more, were addressed by these four new witnesses during the decades following the passing of the Apostles, in an era when the New Testament “contents page” was still a workin-progress.

Those for whom Four Witnesses was a watershed will want to share this further testimony with friends and family. Readers who found the original book to be a moving chronicle of the Christian Church in the full flower of her youth will be inspired once again. The early Church is still no mystery. Thanks be to God! 
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