Science at the Doorstep to God

Science at the Doorstep to God

By Fr. Robert Spitzer
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Science at the Doorstep to God: Science and Reason in Support of God, the Soul, and Life after Death

There is more scientific evidence than ever before supporting God, the soul, and life after death. So, why are so many people abandoning faith because of "science"? The explanation is straightforward: they do not understand the science.

Science at the Doorstep to God offers in detail the most recent evidence to stem the increasing tide of scepticism. Eight recent investigations, according to Father Robert Spitzer, S.J., reveal an intelligent creator of physical reality as well as a transphysical soul capable of escaping corporeal death.

This is the most in-depth scientific examination of God and the afterlife to date. It blends the natural scientific method, the philosophical approach, medical research, anthropological and genetic studies, and phenomenological descriptions, demonstrating how one technique and data set enhances the others.

The Church must understand and disseminate the findings of this research in order to highlight the tremendous complementarity between the Catholic faith and science. We may observe not only the Creator's enormous knowledge, but also traces of his love, kindness, and grandeur, via reason.

Paperback. 315 pages.

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