Alter Christus: Priestly Holiness on Earth and in Eternity

Alter Christus: Priestly Holiness on Earth and in Eternity

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Fr. Ezra Sullivan, a Dominican professor at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, thinks on the immeasurable gift and duty of the priesthood in this stirring retreat-in-a-book for priests.

 Fr. Ezra examines how "fathers of souls" should guide their flocks with God's self-giving authority and explains why the Church needs strong, manly priests to guide her children on the path to Heaven using the examples and teachings of the saints.
You will discover how to encourage devotion to God the Father, why St. Joseph is a priest's role model, how to use the angels and the saints to intercede for priests, and how Our Lady is essential for the sanctification of priests.
The spiritual fruitfulness of God and His priests is shown via Abraham's spiritual fatherhood, which will encourage you.

You will also discover how the Pelagian temptation affects those who labour too much, how to avoid "functionalism," the significance of the Holy Eucharist, and the importance of sacramental administration as key to a priest's identity.

You will also learn how to become one with the Holy Spirit to avoid "Christian Stoicism" and "spiritual adultery," as well as spiritual and practical advice on how to do so. Finally, you will develop a new understanding of how priests were elevated to a supernatural dignity by virtue of their ordination to act in persona Christi.

A priest might ready himself for the spiritual war by reading Alter Christus, which examines frequent traps of priestly sin and offers advice on how to avoid falling into the trap of self-pity or despair about one's faults. You will learn how prayer is important for achieving oneness with Christ and serving as a defence against evil, as well as how a priest's prayer supports God's purpose to save the world.

Fr. Ezra also talks about other fascinating, useful subjects like:

  •     The four keys to powerful preaching
  •     Two virtues to cultivate when combatting a "Messiah complex"
  •     Why you should never become a "buddy Jesus"
  •     How love is irreplaceable in a priest’s life
  •     St. John Vianney’s heroic gift of self and witness of humility as a parish priest
  •     What Hell will be like for unrepentant and sinful priests
  •     What Heaven will be like for holy priests
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