Psychology and the Cross

Psychology and the Cross

By Fr. G. Emmett Carter
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A century ago, Catholic moral theologians were initially astounded to see that purifying psychology of its immoral and antireligious mistakes actually confirmed traditional Catholic teaching on the nature of man while also offering essential advice on personality development. Fr. G. Emmett Carter has collected the best Christian wisdom in this ground-breaking work, first published in 1958, to demonstrate how psychology can help the Christian mature, overcome character flaws, and overcome emotional diseases.

Fr. Carter, the founder of Montreal's St. Joseph Teachers College, begins with a layman's overview of modern psychology before highlighting the "biases" of the Freudian era that led many people, including Freud himself, to adopt incorrect beliefs about the nature of man, religion, and God. He continues by demonstrating how sound psychology derives its entire power from Christianity. He claims that psychology explains why we experience anxiety and fear, and that Christianity offers a solution. Fr. Carter continues, saying:

  • How self-analysis is beneficial in leading to wisdom, peace, and lasting security
  • Where the Bible itself provides us with "a blueprint for the study of man’s psychic forces"
  • The main findings - and chief errors - of contemporary psychology
  • How connecting religion and psychology leads to maturity, which is "the meeting place of the true man and the true Christian"
  • The centrality of the doctrine of Original Sin to understanding the psychological makeup of the individual
  • Guidelines for parents and educators for bringing young people to maturity
  • Why suicide always represents a fundamental error of thought
  • How your unconscious mind operates

The most important thing you'll learn is how to stay consistently motivated to become perfectly Christian. Additionally, you will learn how to deal with antisocial conduct and develop a healthy ego.

Paperback, 160 pages
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