Reflections with Fr. Leo Clifford

Reflections with Fr. Leo Clifford

By Fr. Leo Clifford
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Product Description

A spiritual manual for living a Catholic Life!

Fr. Leo has long been beloved by Catholics for his profound wisdom and insight into nearly every aspect of life and religion.

Now his daily television messages have been distilled into this reader-friendly set of meditations, perfect as a spiritual retreat or for spiritual reading anytime and anywhere.

Fr. Leo gives you practical ways to use God’s graces profitably and intelligently, and he will help you to deal with many of the obligations and problems that arise as you grow spiritually.

He also offers simple yet profound reflections on the Blessed Sacrament, sins of omission, the Lord’s Prayer, the Mass, the Sermon on the Mount, the Greatest Commandment, and the never-ending mercy of Our Lord.

You’ll also learn:

    How to finally overcome lingering sins
    The key to discovering God Who lives within you
    Ways to overcome worry and anxiety
    What it really means to be a Christian
    How to develop a philosophy and purpose of life
    How to develop a listening heart

Fr. Leo has helped countless souls grow closer to Christ – and now he can help you, too. Read this book, and you’ll soon find yourself focusing on God each day and living joyfully with Him at every moment.
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