The Prayer Book for Tired Parents

The Prayer Book for Tired Parents

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★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.00/5 Stars. (1 Review)

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Authors: Dave and Debbie Cowden

Most new parents anticipate losing sleep, savings, and tranquillity, but many don't think about how having a kid may affect their spiritual lives. Prior to the arrival of new family members, making investments in your family's spiritual health will give you a new perspective on embracing your career and assist you in discovering godly purpose amid the impending excitement. A home filled with love, serenity, and faith can help your family enter Heaven, and this book will show you how to create one.

The Prayer Book for Tired Parents contains touching tales on how these problems can help you become a better parent and a more devoted Catholic, as well as practical, real-life reflections on the difficulties that parents of small children experience. Along with classic prayers and well-loved devotions for parents, you'll also find a list of reverent reminders to encourage family prayer and religious practice. In addition, this useful "springboard to sanctity" contains:

  • Reflection questions and tips from seasoned parents on forming children in our world of activities and technology
  • Inspiration from the lives of the saints who will intercede for you in your work as parents
  • Practical resources to root your family in Catholic conviction and stoke your fervor for the Faith 
  • Techniques for forming habits of prayer and gratitude in your daily life, individually and as a family
  • Appreciable and attainable ways to cultivate charity and grow in the love of God
  • Sacramental strategies for fostering virtue, combating vice, and establishing healthy routines
Quoted from the words of Mother Angelica, “I want you to have a new concept of holiness. You’ve got to be holy where you are: washing the dishes, at the office, at school. Where you are, you can be holy there.” The path to holiness is difficult and can be draining, just like being a parent. This book, however, will inspire in you the assurance that you have a strategy, that you are not alone, and that many other parents have grown in their love for God in spite of life's numerous difficulties.

Paperback, 360 pages
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★★★★★ ★★★★★
5.00/5 Stars out of 1 Review
Excellent book for tired parents!
| March 20th, 2023
Great book for parents trying to raise catholic kids. Has really practical tips for daily life. Non judgmental approach.

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