A Blue Collar Answer to Protestantism

A Blue Collar Answer to Protestantism

By John Martignoni
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John Martignoni, a popular author and TV and radio broadcaster, has authored a book that exposes errors in Protestant doctrine by using something that is in short supply in today's culture: common sense. He also includes some basic logic. He utilises the Bible as the backdrop for his straightforward but compelling examination of the fundamental flaws with Protestantism as a whole, before focusing on particular Bible passages to pose a variety of difficult questions about various Protestant beliefs and dogmas.

Catholics can use this book not only to respond effectively to questions about why they believe what they believe from family members, friends, coworkers, neighbours, and even strangers, but also to ask questions of their own — questions that will leave the Protestants in their lives struggling to come up with logically and scripturally consistent answers and, hopefully, leading them to some serious introspection.

Martignoni puts forth the reasons why Protestantism, as a whole and in its constituent pieces, is irrational and deficient in both common sense and biblical sense. Page after page, you'll discover simple, frank, and powerful arguments from Scripture, history, and straightforward logic, as well as thirty questions to ask Protestants about what they believe and why. This apologetics treasure trove will educate you about:

  • The two Protestant cornerstones and why they cannot coexist
  • What happens when everyone has the power to bind and loose (my interpretation)?
  • What Protestants believe about sin and infallibility (be prepared!)
  • The rejection of theological consistency and the insurrection against the ministerial priesthood
  • How does forensic justification make God a liar (salvation via faith alone)?

You will also discover four reasons why the Catholic Church is undeniably the Church that Jesus established, which doctrines are fundamental to true Christianity, and how to demonstrate that Jesus is really present in the Holy Eucharist. 

You'll also learn about vital and exciting topics like faith and works, what the "Catechism of the Protestant Church" teaches, what it takes to be saved, who authored the Bible and determined which books to include, when the Church was formed, and much more.

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