Lord of the World

Lord of the World

By Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson
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Lord of the World is a gripping apocalyptic book that accurately predicts the future. Fr. Robert Hugh Benson wrote this prescient book in 1907, and it offers a dystopian vision that is alarmingly near to being completely realised today.

Despite being produced over a century ago, the conflicts and concepts explored in Lord of the World remain shockingly modern. Benson takes readers to an unsettling political climate in which religion is outlawed, euthanasia is promoted, and an all-powerful secular government reigns with an iron grip. It is a world in which mankind has lost its moral compass and individual liberties have been drastically curtailed.

The accuracy of Lord of the World's prophecies, from the degradation of spirituality to the advent of anti-Catholic governments, is astounding. The speed of social and moral decay analysed in Benson's book has only intensified in the decades since its publication, making this milestone of Catholic writing as pertinent now as it was when it was originally published.

This annotated version offers readers with succinct chapter-by-chapter summaries as well as useful text elucidations. This edition contextualises Benson's masterwork, deepening the reader's awareness of the author's urgent concerns at the start of the twentieth century while appreciating its continued significance to the distressed early decades of the twenty-first.  

“The soft communism which now dominates the majority of the world is . . . akin to that which Benson describes. At its foundation are the same principles which were expressed more brutally in the Soviet Union—utter rejection of divine authority and the establishment of the state as the only arbiter of truth and reality.”—Dr. Anthony Radice, Editor

409 pages, hardcover. 

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