Red Hugh: Prince of Donegal

Red Hugh: Prince of Donegal

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Product Description

Author: Robert T. Reilly.

"A tale that is not told dies." So say the old Irish storytellers as they prepare to spin their tales of legends and "little folk." How much the better when the story, like this one about the fighting prince of Donegal, is true! It is 1587 and Queen Elizabeth plans to bring Ireland under her iron rule. Only one thing is stopping her: Warrior queen Ineen Duive and her young son, Hugh Roe O'Donnell. Carefree and proud, young Hugh grows up quickly after he is betrayed to the English. Taken to Birmingham Tower in Dublin he is held as a hostage. Can he escape in time to be of aid in the Irish struggle against the forces of Queen Elizabeth? Facts as exciting as fiction abound in this authentic portrayal of a glorious moment in Irish history.

Softcover, 200 pages. Ages 10-up.

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