The Cross and the Beatitudes

The Cross and the Beatitudes

By Fulton Sheen
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Extraordinary in his ability to uncover many layers of meaning in the life and words of Jesus Christ, Fulton J. Sheen’s profound book will quench the spiritual thirst of all who seek to draw closer to Christ.

The Seven Beatitudes and The Seven Words from the Cross are almost relative in an unlike way—both were delivered from a mountain, but the connection runs deeper than that.

As Bishop Sheen points out, Our Lord began His Public Life on the Mount of the Beatitudes and closed it on the Mount of Calvary. On the first He uttered the words central to His message; on the second He spoke to the deed central to His mission. Two avenues were thereby opened: one for spreading the Good News throughout the world, the other for reconciling all men to God through Christ.

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