A Catholic Child's Picture Dictionary

A Catholic Child's Picture Dictionary

By Rugh Hannon
Product Code: 9781892331601

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Product Description

A Catholic child's "pictionary" of 240 inviting illustrations and 420 childlike definitions of all interesting Catholic persons, places, and things from "Abraham" to "Zeal" to which your child must be introduced.

That introduction is better made earlier rather than later, especially with the help of Daddy and Mommy. A great resource for the early education of your Catholic child. Bite-sized definitions and charming pictures satisfy the most challenged attention spans. By ages eight or nine, they'll be reading it all by themselves.

Originally published in 1956 by the Catechetical Guild Educational Society with Cardinal Spellman's imprimatur.
We've built this to last forever with a big 8.5" by 11" durable hardcover that will withstand rough treatment, your children's book box, and peanut butter and jelly. A title which should become a family standard.
A delightful gift!

    durable, hardcover
    240 childlike definitions
    420 colorful images
    thick, glossy pages
    originally published in 1956

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