Sins of the Tongue or Jealousy in Woman's Life

Sins of the Tongue or Jealousy in Woman's Life

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Sins of the tongue by Monseigneur Landriot consists of fifteen discourses (four on 'Sins of the Tongue', three on 'Envy and Jealousy', two on 'Rash Judgments', two on 'Christian Patience', and four on 'Grace') that were originally talks given to laywomen of Monseigneur Landriot, Archbishop of Rheim's diocese in the late 19th century. At the beginning the archbishop says he will give "instructions on the tongue and the faults which it causes us to commit." He goes on to say he will speak of the "power and beauty of that organ" and the proper way in which it should be used. Then, he discusses sins and offers suggestions for their prevention. During these discourses Msgr. Landriot shows that he is no stranger to the ways of the world; he engages in much analysis on human nature, exposing the depravity it is capable of and the great power it has to overcome these evil tendencies. He says that to possess a "well formed conscience" is the duty of every Christian.

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