Prima Latina - Set (Teacher's Manuel, Student Book, and CD)

Prima Latina - Set (Teacher's Manuel, Student Book, and CD)

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Product Description

Author: Leigh Lowe.

Prima Latina is a preparatory Latin course for students in 1st-4th grade. It is a perfect mix of English grammar and beginning Latin. The course teaches students seven parts of speech, two tenses, 125 Latin vocabulary words, Latin numbers, constellations, and introduces conjugations, declensions, and derivatives. Each of the 25 lessons consists of a new grammar skill, five vocabulary words that correspond with the lesson, a practical Latin phrase, and one line of a prayer that is learned in totality by the end of the chapter. This book is the ideal precursor to Latina Christiana I. Five review lessons, five tests, an appendix, and answer key are included. Also included is an audio CD with a pronunciation guide, songs, and prayers.

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