Letter & Spirit:, Vol. 2: Authority of Mystery

Letter & Spirit:, Vol. 2: Authority of Mystery

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Editor: Scott Hahn

Letter & Spirit is a journal of Catholic biblical theology for the new millennium. It seeks to foster deeper understanding of sacred Scripture and the divine liturgy of the Church.

This second volume of the journal, The Authority of Mystery: The Word of God and the People of God, is inspired by the scholarship of Pope Benedict XVI especially Benedicts concerns about the relation of the Bible to faith in Christ.

The editors write in their introduction: As we write in our introduction: How to read the Bible is, at bottom, a question about the identity of Jesus. Is he Jesus of Nazareth only, or is he also the Christ, the Son of the living God? Did he have a divine mission to reveal the mystery of God, or was he only a man like others? Does he remain among us in sacrament and liturgy?

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