The Evangelization Equation: The Who,  What, and How

The Evangelization Equation: The Who, What, and How

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Product Description

The Evangelization Equation: The Who, What, and How by Father James A. Wehner is a crash course in the “New Evangelization” to which both Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI have called all Catholics. Father Wehner explores the challenges and the opportunities in American culture for spreading the Gospel. While giving a full presentation of the cultural, historical, pastoral, and theological background of his topic, he also communicates the very practical implications of the call.
Father Wehner, who made the New Evangelization his area of specialization at the Pontifical Gregorian University, has been educating seminarians since 2002. He also has pastoral experience in a large and vibrant parish and has worked with the Catholic Men’s Fellowship in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Thus, he is uniquely qualified on the topic of this book.
The reader, upon finishing this book, will be equipped with the intellectual and practical tools to move forward as an effective evangelist. Also, most readers will be infected by Father Wehner’s enthusiasm and commitment to spread the Good News to individuals and, by so doing, effect change in our culture. The last sentence of the book expresses both the sure hope and the charge of the New Evangelization for Catholics: “We are the Body of Christ and the gates of hell shall not prevail!”

The chapters are as follows:

• The Reign of Reason and the Advent of the Absurd: From Modernity to the Post-Modern
• Foundations and Cornerstones: The Essentials of Evangelization
• The Here and the Now: The Essentials of the New Evangelization
• The Means and the Method: Hinges of the New Evangelization
• From Theory to Reality: The New Evangelization in Practice
• From Planning to Doing: Taking the New Evangelization to the Streets

Pages: 152. Binding: Paperback.

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