Pillar I: The Creed Study Set

Pillar I: The Creed Study Set

By Sean Innerst
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The Pillars study set is divided into four parts: two to be done at home and two parts to be done at the group sessions. This course makes the Catechism of the Catholic Church come alive. After completing this program you will understand how your personal journey of faith fits into the amazing story of salvation told in the Creed.

This beautifully designed Pillar I the creed study Binder contains all the written material a participant needs to complete the 12-part study. Each session includes an overview of the lesson, assigned Catechism readings, Group Discussion questions and more. This Binder is designed to be used in conjunction with the Pillar I: The Creed DVD or CD Set.

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The Pillars study helped me and my family learn so much more about the faith. I am very happy with this. I will have to buy a new binder as all my friends are borrowing mine. I'll recommend the Pillars study to anyone, young or old who want to learn more about our Catholic Faith with an interesting program. - Teresa Giles

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