The Wisdom of the Word: Biblical Answers to Ten Pressing Questions about Catholicism

The Wisdom of the Word: Biblical Answers to Ten Pressing Questions about Catholicism

By Matthew Levering, Michael Dauphinais
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Why do you think God exists, or that Jesus is God? Why should you pay attention to the Catholic Church? Why is the Catholic Church so rigid when it comes to sex? In recent decades, questions like these have sparked a disaffiliation and incredulity crisis among Catholics. Half of millennial Catholics have abandoned the Church, and only a small percentage of parishioners believe in all of the Church's teachings on faith and morality.

Building on the Second Vatican Council's appeal for a fuller understanding of Scripture. The Wisdom of the Word, by Michael Dauphinais and Matthew Levering, encourages Catholics who are considering leaving the Church or who are unsure about some aspects of Catholic faith and practice to take a step back and let the Bible guide them. Theologians Michael Dauphinais and Matthew Levering discuss typical challenges to the faith in light of the timeless insights of the Word, from infighting among Catholic faithful to the faults of Catholic leaders, and from Christ's sacrifice on the cross to the Church's emphasis on caring for the poor.

"The prayerful reading of God's Word, which is 'sweeter than honey' yet a 'two-edged sword,' allows us to pause and listen to the Master's voice," quoted Pope Francis. It becomes a light for our path and a lighting for our walks." Do you or someone you know believe that certain aspects of the Catholic faith are illogical? If that's the case, God's old wisdom—sweeter than honey and sharper than a sword—is waiting for you.

Hardcover. 344 pages.
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