God's Perfect Plan: Purgatory and Indulgences Explained (5 CDs)

God's Perfect Plan: Purgatory and Indulgences Explained (5 CDs)

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In God's Perfect Plan: Purgatory and Indulgences Explained, a new five-part audio course, Tim Staples takes on two of the most controversial and misunderstood teachings of the Church. With his trademakr clarity and thoroughness, Staples...

• Explains exactly what the Church teaches about purgatory and indulgences, so you have a complete understanding of what Catholics believe and why.
• Uses Sacred Scripture and history to defend Church teaching and to reveal what profound gifts purgatory and indulgences are to the faithful and how they can aid in your salvation and the salvation of others...
• Clears up numerous misunderstandings and myths about Church teaching, such as the false belief that you can buy your way out of sin and into heaven...
• Explodes the common non-Catholic objections to these teachings, showing how they're rooted in a misreading of Scripture, and unjustified reliance on sola fide, and simple prejudice against Catholic teaching.

The set includes 5 CDs.

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