Everything you Need to know about Abortion - For Teens

Everything you Need to know about Abortion - For Teens

By Janet Morana
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Women and girls are told in the United States and around the world that they must have legal access to abortion in order to be successful and liberated. Today's youth are bombarded with the pervasive message that abortion is normal, healthy, and even good.

Everything You Need to Know About Abortion – For Teens by Janet Morana exposes these dangerous lies for what they are. Janet, a thirty-year veteran of the pro-life movement, introduces readers to the unborn child and the brutal methods used to kill this most innocent victim in a direct but compassionate tone. Her powerful and practical message, forged and sharpened over decades of meticulous research and passionate frontline service, conveys some of the most important but frequently overlooked truths about this issue that defines our times, including:

  • a detailed look at the development of the unborn baby, showing how science makes evident the humanity of these children;
  • the risks of taking contraception that pharmaceutical giants try to hide;
  • a sweeping historical review of the legal battle over abortion in the United States and the dishonest tactics used by pro-abortion activists and lawyers;
  • the hijacking of language and weaponization of euphemisms to confuse young women;
  • the harmful psychological effects abortion has on men and women, as well as the physical dangers abortion procedures can have on women;
  • the personal story of Janet’s friend, Norma McCorvey (“Roe” in Roe v. Wade), who became an avid supporter of the pro-life movement late in her life.

Perhaps most powerfully, Janet shares heartbreaking testimonies from women who chose to abort their children, taking readers where few have gone: into the hearts of so many who live with the pain of regret.

Janet uses our Christian faith to teach young people about the tragedy of abortion, but she also uses human reason, science, legal arguments, and personal testimonies. Furthermore, she promotes the virtue of chastity and demonstrates the power and happiness that can flow from a life lived in purity to our vocation.

Includes an appendix of pro-life resources and organizations from across the country that fight valiantly against abortion and provide counselling, support, and healing to women (and men) affected by the tragedy of abortion.
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