The Father Gabriel Mysteries Vol. 1-3 (Set of 3 Novels)

The Father Gabriel Mysteries Vol. 1-3 (Set of 3 Novels)

By Fiorella de Maria
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The Father Gabriel Trilogy - this set of three novels by Fiorella de Maria contains:


The serenity of Saint Mary's Convent is disrupted in this unique murder mystery when a horrible crime is discovered in a cottage on the abbey grounds. A foreign artist and military hero seeking safety from the outside world was assassinated, and beside his body lies Marie Paige, the weak, ailing wife of the town doctor, beaten into a coma.

The cops apprehend Marie's husband, certain that they are dealing with a murder of passion. Dr. Paige, on the other hand, finds himself joined by an odd ally: Fr. Gabriel, a bumbling but clever Benedictine priest who believes in the innocence of the doctor, and actively tries to seek the truth.

In a country still reeling from the destruction of WWII, even a remote English town has its share of secrets and shattered souls. It isn't long until Fr. Gabriel and his colleagues find themselves on a perilous trip into the victims' traumatic war experiences - a chapter of Europe's worst struggle that is almost too horrific to acknowledge.

Paperback. 176 pages.


In the second instalment of the Father Gabriel mysteries, the priest investigator attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the town's most despised woman.

Enid Jennings, a retired headmistress and a war widow, has a knack for provoking turmoil and misery wherever she goes. When Enid's daughter witnesses her mother vanish into thin air, she is considered to have been mistaken, insane, or worse, to have committed foul play.

Then Father Gabriel appears. The priest sets out to find the location of the missing woman, based on the notion that certain stories are too weird to be made up.

Father Gabriel delves into Enid Jennings' past, with help from the town's physician, despite hostility from the irascible Inspector Applegate, and he digs up the recent past of the village during the days of the Phony War, when invaders lay in wait across the Channel and crimes were just a little easier to hide.

Paperback. 246 pages.


In this third volume of the Father Gabriel detective series, the priest sleuth is a reluctant guest to a wealthy local family's Christmas celebration. Only the superb – and most likely black market – cuisine soothes the agony of meeting the repulsive Victor Gladstone, an experienced reporter, an ardent anti-clerical, and the sole observer of a wartime massacre no one wants to hear about. When Victor is discovered dead the next morning on the Martin estate, the apparent victim of an accident, Gabriel is lured into the mystery of who among the family's chattering visitors could have wished the elderly man out of the way.

This mystery emphasizes the problem of indirect participation in crimes and evil, namely buying and selling goods seized from Nazi victims.

Paperback. 299 pages.

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