The New Roman Missal: Fr Lasance

The New Roman Missal: Fr Lasance

By Father Lasance
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★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.00/5 Stars. (12 Reviews)

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A favorite of many, this missal is a beautiful reproduction of the 1945 Latin Daily Missal of Fr. F.X. Lasance, with the original text of the immemorial Latin Tridentine Mass, according to the Council of Trent, with complete Latin and English text for the Ordinary and Propers of the Mass. 

It includes the Ordinary of the Mass, Proper of the Season, Proper of the Saints, Common of the Saints, Votive Masses, Marriage Ceremony, Nuptial Mass, Masses for the Dead, Forty Hours’ Devotion, Propers for the U.S., Masses for Religious Orders.

Also included are supplements comprising explanations of: “The Ecclesiastical Year and the Sacred Liturgy”; “Short Accounts of Certain Feasts and Brief Lives of the Saints”, a “Glossary of Liturgical Terms”, a “Description of the Symbolic Representations” and a collection of “Communion and other Prayers,” which are indulgenced in accordance with the Raccolta. 

The Vatican has approved the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) to use this 1945 Latin and English Missal for the Holy Triduum.

Far more rich than the standard missals, this Daily New Roman Missal by Father Lasance is highly popular today.

  • Black leatherette flexible cover
  • Six colored ribbons
  • Gold embossed lettering on cover and binding
  • Gilded edges
  • Measures approximately 4 3/8" x 7″ x 2"
  • About 1900 pages
  • This is the 1993 reprint of the 1945 copyright edition
  • Imprimatur of 1945

Please note: This missal is reprinted from an old type-setting. The print looks old-fashioned, and occasional numbers or letters may be imperfect or missing. Copies that contain such imperfections will not be considered damaged or defective.

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
5.00/5 Stars out of 12 Reviews
Lasance Missal
| March 24th, 2022
The Father Lasance Missal has absolutely exceeded my expectations. It is beautiful, educational and a wonderful Catholic resource.
The New Roman Missal: Fr Lasance
(Chelsea Heights) | September 26th, 2021
I had been using this missal for a few years now and loved it so much. I wanted another copy just in case it will be difficult to get it again.
Beautifully made and so complete!
(Western PA) | May 24th, 2021
When Taylor Marshall, an advocate for the TLM, said to try and find a Fr. Lasance's Missal, he wasn't kidding--I searched a few websites and none were available, until I came to your website. I was so relieved to not only be able to find the Missal, but I also ordered a couple more much needed items. I am very satisfied with the Missal, and now have a lot to learn from it! It is truly well made, and worth every penny! Thank you!
Highly Recommended
(Oklahoma City) | May 13th, 2021
Not only a useful tool in following along with the Traditional Latin Mass, but this is also filled with lots of other information that every good Catholic should know. If you’re on the fence as to which Roman Missal to go with, you can’t go wrong with this one. I recommend a search for Dr. Taylor Marshall’s excellent review comparison of the Fr. Lasance Missal and the 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal. Here you will learn more about some of its many features.
Excellent Missal
(S.W. Michigan) | May 6th, 2021
Awesome missal! It has been recommended to me by a few different people that attend the Latin Mass. We're new to the Latin Mass and this missal is a must have from what they tell me. It arrived in great condition and the missal is excellent; very glad we purchased one. Thanks out to Sunrise Marian. They were very helpful with answering my questions.
(Canada) | July 11th, 2020
Very useful to follow the Latin Mass. It's got pictures too.
Excellent Missal
(Nova Scotia) | June 22nd, 2020
I received The New Roman Missal a couple of weeks ago. It is quite comprehensive and is proving quite valuable for following the daily TLM broadcasts in this covid 19 era. It is a beautiful missal and an excellent resource for both the traditionalist who is already familiar with the Latin mass and will help the novice integrate into traditional practice.
A must-have
(Oakville) | June 12th, 2020
An excellent missal, superbly helpful if you want to start exploring the beauty of the traditional Latin Mass. Very nicely done, fitting in the palm, nice font, just a beautifully executed little book. Get one, but more importantly, get familiar with it, and use it as much as possible.
Wonderful missal!
(Ontario, Canada) | May 8th, 2020
I just received my New Roman Missal and I absolutely love it! It perfectly fits in the palm of the hand and the print is quite legible. There is a good amount of daily prayers and prayers for other occassions at the back of the book. I would only say that it would take some time for it to lay flat as the spine has to be stretched a bit, as is normal.
Great Quality
(Ohio) | April 2nd, 2020
Fantastic Missal!
Father Lasanse New Roman Missal
(Philadelphia) | April 1st, 2020
A superb Missal. I am more than satisfied with the Missal. It’s the kind of Missal that is hard to find.
The New Roman Missal: Fr Lasance
(Canada) | November 21st, 2019
This is a rich and comprehensive treasure, a real delight for the soul. It contains everything included in the description which is really only a summary of the enormity of content to be had. Not included in the description that this missal also contains is an in depth introduction by Fr. Lasance as well as a section called "Read Mass with a Priest" walking one through the Traditional Mass with a study plan I believe is intended for potential Alter Servers. Really the only real complaint as others have made elsewhere is that the print is on the smaller side, which may pose a problem in the future or for those currently with poorer vision or lighting conditions.