Goji Berry Snack Pack 40grams

Goji Berry Snack Pack 40grams

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This 40gram Goji Berry snack pack is the perfect way to give your body the daily antioxidents it needs to stay healthy!Traditionally Goji berries used as an antioxidant source for anti-aging purposes and for diabetes and weight loss. Traditionally used as an immune stimulating and to improve the vision.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has esteemed the Goji berry for centuries. Its virtues were first extolled in print in the first century AD in the classic work, The Divine Husbandman’s Classic. A Chinese legend claims that the use of Goji berry allowed one herbalist to reach the age of 252 years!

Traditional sources praise its value as a tonic for debility and to improve the vision – uses that have been corroborated by 15 centuries of TCM practice. Modern science has substantiated improved eyesight – Goji berry is known to be one of the richest sources of highly bio-available beta-carotene. Goji use in one clinical trial not only confirmed significantly improved visual acuity, but blood levels of vitamin A reached saturation levels in just 34 days!

Modern research has also confirmed its anti-aging properties. At least three separate clinical studies have demonstrated anti-aging effects such as significantly improved immune function, diminished signs of senility, increased antioxidant status, and elevation of hormones to more youthful levels. Some sources suggest that Goji berries stimulate human growth hormone (HGH) production.

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