The Holy Mountain of La Salette

The Holy Mountain of La Salette

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Author: Archbishop William Ullathorne; Pages: 180; Softcover. Another Marian production of the Archbishop of Birmingham, the Holy Mountain of La Salette was written in 1854, during and after this English prelate’s own pilgrimage to the site of the apparitions. In fact, it was only eight years after Our Sorrowful Mother appeared to the shepherd children, Melanie and Maximin, in the south of France that Ullathorne took up his pen to defend the authenticity of the urgent visitation. Indeed, with Rome’s permission, the author writes more as a contemporary chronicler of the events, conducting interviews with the seers themselves and with those ecclesiastics who were personally involved. The purpose for which he wrote this book was that the whole Catholic world might know, then, as well as in times to come, the reasons which move the Mother of God to tears.
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