Kerygma 4 Kids Kindergarten Workbook

Kerygma 4 Kids Kindergarten Workbook

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What is it and what does it do?
Kerygma 4 Kids is a new evangelization tool for children that proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ in a unique and engaging way.

What are the benefits?
Through Kerygma 4 Kids, children will experience the nearness of God and come to understand the cross of Christ in a deep and personal way. Kerygma 4 Kids will lead the children into a deeper friendship with the risen Christ and equip them to share the Good News with others.

Structure and purpose
Kerygma 4 Kids contains one evangelization lesson for each grade. It was developed to help you incorporate evangelization into your current faith formation program. Each grade-level lesson proclaims the basic gospel message through a unique theme which can be viewed below.

Elements of Each Lesson:
Helps children discover God’s personal love for them
Includes guided meditations on Sacred Scripture to help children encounter the risen Christ
Presents an age-appropriate proclamation of the kerygma—the Good News of Christ’s salvific work
Includes animated videos and engaging activities that reinforce the Gospel message
Includes an invitation to open their hearts to a personal friendship with Jesus Christ
Provides the language to help children share the Good News with others

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