A Retreat With Saint Therese

A Retreat With Saint Therese

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Year after year appear new books on St. Thérèse of Lisieux, and, though none of them can be a substitute for the Autobiography, they have a useful service to perform in emphasizing and systematizing its teaching. Many readers of St. Thérèse’s book, carried away by its charm and naiveté, its poetry and simple beauty, seem to overlook its fundamental teaching. Whether they praise or blame it, therefore, they think it is sentimental and pretty, but forget the hard core of simple Gospel truth which it enshrines. They at once assume that the Little Way is a short cut and an easy path to heaven. St. Thérèse, who was so deeply imbued with Our Lord’s teaching, would have reminded them that the easy way leads to destruction, whereas the way that leads to heaven is narrow and strait. Simple and direct the Little Way is, but if anyone thinks it is easy, let him give it an honest trial, and he will find out his mistake.

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