Let the Oppressed Go Free

Let the Oppressed Go Free

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Product Description

Author: Cardinal Justin Rigali.

Our contemporary culture has created an environment that is ripe for fostering addictions of all types. In this pastoral work by one of the Church’s leading prelates, Cardinal Justin Rigali gives insights to the very nature of addictions. He explains the spiritual and physical ramifications of addictions and goes on to teach how the Church offers hope and help for both those who are struggling with addiction and to their family and loved ones.

In an easy to read and understandable format this booklet explains:

• What is an addiction, what causes an addiction and what is the “cycle” of addiction?
• How addictions can take the form of chemical substances, sensations or activities and how to know if one is addicted?
• Is there a cure for addiction?
• What role can prayer and the sacraments play in helping those who struggle with addiction?

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