The Sorrowful Mysteries: Holy Heroes CD

The Sorrowful Mysteries: Holy Heroes CD


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Teaching your children to pray is a precious opportunity and awesome responsibility. Yet, it is hard to help your children to understand the words that they are reciting. This Rosary CD will help your children to imagine the Passion of Jesus Christ and meditate on the Sorrowful Mysteries.
The Sorrowful Mysteries CD is the third of the 4-volume set of the Mysteries of the Rosary, that includes an introductory discussion of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s assertion that “Jesus Christ did not come into the world to live. He came into it to die.” Then, you’ll hear a Scriptural Rosary, including more than a dozen children. Each mystery is introduced by an explanation of "what happened in the mystery." Next, before each "Hail Mary," a child reads a verse from the Scriptural revelation of the mystery. At the conclusion, hear the exciting story of "The Rosary and the Atom Bomb." Original orchestral music by William Straub aids the beauty of the meditations.

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