The Mass: Bishop Robert Barron DVD (Special Edition) For a Limited Time!

The Mass: Bishop Robert Barron DVD (Special Edition) For a Limited Time!

By Bishop Robert Barron
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Product Description

Bishop Robert Barron's The Mass
Special Edition DVD Set includes...
 Instant Digital Streaming Access! ($39.95 Retail)
 Bonus DVD - Bishop Barron's The Eucharist ($49.90 Retail)
 Bonus DVD - Heroic Priesthood ($4.95 Retail)
 Bonus eBooklet Download - "Why Stay Away? "
 FREE U.S. Shipping! ($7.95+ Value)
Total Value: $162.70
All for Only $59.95 Today!

Bishop Barron's Newest Film Series is ready! 
Here is a trailer for the DVD (below)

SPECIAL EDITION DVD - 4 discs  $59.95
•    2 discs on The Mass
•    2 Bonus discs --> The Eucharist ($29.95 separately) and Heroic Priesthood  (Award-winning short film from a few years ago)
•    This is a SPECIAL edition, and when we run out, we'll loose the 2 bonus discs. I'll reserve about 100 sets of the Special Edition sets for you guys to promote.

Six Beautiful & Engaging Episodes!
Episode 1: A Privileged Encounter: The Closest Thing to Heaven on Earth
Episode 2: Called Out of the World: The Introductory Rites
Episode 3: God Speaks Our Story: The Scripture Readings
Episode 4: Responding to Our God: Homily, Creed and Prayer of the Faithful 
Episode 5: Preparing for Sacrifice: Offertory and Eucharistic Prayer
Episode 6: The Real Presence Creates Communion: Transubstantiation and Transformation

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