David the King - Called to Kingship Booklet (Pack of 20)

David the King - Called to Kingship Booklet (Pack of 20)

By Bishop Robert Barron
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The booklet is designed to help us reflect on our call to be a king in Christ by looking at the example of King David. Through Baptism, we are each called to be priest, prophet, and king, participating in the divine roles of Christ. A good king in the biblical sense rightly orders his community to God’s purposes. The booklet contains excerpts from Bishop Barron’s book, 2 Samuel: Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible, which is also the basis of the David the King video series.

Adam was the first king and steward of the rightly ordered Garden of Eden. He was called to govern the garden according to God’s mind and purpose, but by allowing negative influences to wreak havoc on Eden, he did not fulfill his kingly responsibility. Long after Adam, David emerged as the definitive king who would restore order in the Garden and bring the world under the lordship of God. But like Adam, David fell, and his reign ushered in a succession of compromised kings and rejected prophets. The Scriptures, however, foretold a son of David who would realize the fullness of Israelite kingship . . . but whose actual reign defied expectation.
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